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 Explanation Number 2 - The Tamer

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PostSubject: Explanation Number 2 - The Tamer   Thu Mar 24, 2016 6:01 pm

Explanation Number 2 - The Tamer

In this explanation, you'll learn everything about the tamer.

The Tamer as a character
A Tamer is a human that takes care of many Digimon and helps them to grow thanks to a device called the Digivice. The better they grow, the better the Tamer is. You will need to create your Tamer in order to control Digimon. To create your Tamer, you'll need to create a profile for him/her.

The Tamer and his/her Digimon
The Tamer can have how many Digimon he/she wants, however, they have a certain limit when adventuring. He/She will possess Active Digimon and Storage Digimon.
Active Digimon are Digimon that the Tamer can use and battle with. He/She can have up to 3 Active Digimon only.

Tamer's Storage
If the Tamer possesses more than 3 Digimon, he/she will have to use the Storage System. In the tutorial you will have the opportunity to open it.
At the beginning, you can only store 1 Digimon, but after that, you can unlock slots and put more stored Digimon. You'll have to go 'Party Changing' at 'Tamer's Storage' sub-forum if you want to switch between Active and Stored Digimon. You'll have to wait for a GM confirmation and then you can continue your adventure.

Level and Rank
Like Digimon, your Tamer can get experience points and level up. The more he/she levels up, the greater are the rewards he/she gets and the Digimon he/she can control.
As you level up, you will have to do Tamer Exams to increase you Rank. It is recommendable that you do them right when you have the requirements, because you will need to forfeit the advantages that the higher Ranks give you. From the lowest to the highest the ranks are:
- Newbie Tamer
- Bronze Tamer
- Silver Tamer
- Gold Tamer
- Platinum Tamer

Items, BIT, buying and selling
The Tamer has the capacity to possess items and BIT.
Items can have various effects in various places. You can get them by buying/selling, dropping, mission rewards and others.
BIT is the currency of the game. You can have BIT by getting rewards, battling, selling and others. When you buy or sell anything, you'll have to wait for a GM confirmation.


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Explanation Number 2 - The Tamer
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