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 Explanation Number 1 - The Digital World

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PostSubject: Explanation Number 1 - The Digital World   Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:55 pm

Explanation Number 1 - The Digital World

This explanation will teach you how this Digital World works in general and what are your main objectives here.

Digimon Revolution Wars works like this: You create an human character called Tamer and raise Digital Monsters a.k.a (also known as) Digimon.
To play, you will need some basic Math work and just a few text-rping to go along with. Why so? A number system is more objective than a text-based system that is more subjective for a forum game.
This game is free-to-play for everyone. Nobody will take any Premium or GM advantage. It has been made by Digimon fans for other Digimon fans.

Digital World
In many Digimon stories and games, the Digital World takes many different structures. The same happens here of course.
There is going to be a main city for this game called the D-City.

Kudamon is the city's governor. You will interact with this Digimon soon.
You will do many awesome things in this city, and you will depend on what it offers you. After the tutorial, you are completely free to use it to your advantage.
Then, whenever you want to adventure yourself, you may go to the Outside Servers, which are places outside of the town where you can train and spend most of your time.
There are four Servers:

Sovereign Server
The biggest server of all controlled by the Digimon Sovereigns/Four Harmonious Ones. It is divided in four sectors: North Genbu, West Byakko, East Seiryu, South Suzaku.

Yggdrasil Server
The main server of the whole Digital World controlled by the Digital God, Yggdrasil. It is divided in three sectors: Sky Area, Surface Area and Underground Area.

MOD Server
This server is mostly out of control. Most of the Digimon are unable to tell things about this server. Some say that this server is the origin for the dark powers and a place full of lost DATA.
It is divided in two parts: Lost Area and Dark Area.

Event Server
A secret server full of places that appear and dissapear. Every place created due to an event is located here.

That's all for now!


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Explanation Number 1 - The Digital World
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