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 Explanation Number 3 - The Digimon

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PostSubject: Explanation Number 3 - The Digimon   Fri Mar 25, 2016 5:41 pm

Explanation Number 3 - The Digimon

This is the third explanation. This time you will learn about Digimon.

Digimon/Digital Monsters are creatures made of DATA and have the ability to live in the Digital World like real life beings.
Since humans have discovered the Digital World, many Digimon became partners with Tamers to help them grow faster. Every Digimon has got differents characteristics, which can sometimes determine what kind of Tamer they have. For example, a Tamer full on Insect Type Digimon is surely an insect fan.

Stats of a Digimon
Every Digimon has got different stats. Here is an example.


Rank: Rookie
Attribute: Vaccine
Type: Bird


Scratch Smash - 25 Damage - 20 EP (1E)
Ninja Blade - 25 Damage - 30 EP (2E)

Great Rush 1 -> At its first turn of the battle, the Digimon can make two moves. If it's an attack, the attack will deal +5 Damage (only during this effect).

Now, I'm going to explain each stat.

Every rank determines how strong is the Digimon. In this game, Baby Digimon will be unobtainable, so the basic rank in this game is Rookie. After that, the Digimon can become a Champion, then an Ultimate and finally, a Mega Rank Digimon.

The attribute is a way of classifying Digimon. Most of the Digimon can be Virus, Vaccine or Data. There are also two rare class which is the Free attribute and the Unknown attribute.
These attributes can always give certain advantages and disavantages in this game sometimes.

A second way of classifying Digimon. These can also give advantages and disavantages. There are 9 types of Digimons: Dragon, Beast, Bird, Aquan, Holy, Dark, Insect, Plant and Machine.

The level of the Digimon. The higher the level, the better.

Hit Points of the Digimon. If it reaches 0, the Digimon loses the battle.

Energy Points of the Digimon. Digimon need it to execute their moves.

Speed can determine who's the first Digimon to act in a battle. There are some exceptions in some battles, but they will be revealed sooner.

Techniques that the Digimon knows. They are always represented like this:
Name of the Move - Effect - Necessary EP (Range)

The effect can be various. It can deal Damage (HP decrease) to a Digimon, it can poison, heal and so on...

The move can affect one or more Digimons. (1E) means one enemy. (2E) means two enemies. (3E) means three enemies. (S) means the Digimon itself. (1A) means 1 ally.
(2A) means 2 ally. (T) means the Digimon itself and its allies. (A) means all Digimon that are on battle.

It may considered as a Special Status of the Digimon. The talents are very different from Digimon to Digimon. Talent may be the great key for your victory in battle. Talent may involve attacks, healings, run aways and others.

Getting Digimon
There are many ways of getting Digimon. The most common way is to gather a Digimon's DATA and convert it. Then, the Digimon is all yours.
You can also get other Digimon by buying them, trading, getting rewards and even trade.

DATA System
You can get these specially by battling against wild Digimon. The DATA comes in a % scale. After you get 100%, you can convert the Digimon.
Now, there's something important about this. For example you 100% of Falcomon's DATA and you received more DATA of the same Digimon. The % of Falcomon's DATA will not increase. You can't also get two 100% Falcomon's DATA. That means you can get only a complete scan of each Digimon. But after you get rid of it, you can gather up DATA again.

The Digivolution is what makes the Digimon to rank up. All Digimon have requirements to digivolve. To digivolve, you must go to Piximon's Laboratory.

That's all you need to know about your dear Digimon.


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Explanation Number 3 - The Digimon
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