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 Claim your first Digimon!

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PostSubject: Claim your first Digimon!   Fri Mar 25, 2016 5:31 pm

Claim your first Digimon


Hello, dear future Tamer. I am Kudamon, the governor. Veemon already told me about you. Now... I can give you one Digimon, here is the list of the available ones. Don't forget to check Cherrymon's Library - Digimon Section - Rookie Digimon to see the stats your first Digimon.

You'll have to post here which Digimon you want!

List of starters Digimon:
-> Agumon
-> Gabumon
-> Biyomon
-> Tentomon
-> Palmon
-> Gomamon
-> Patamon
-> Salamon
-> DemiDevimon

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Claim your first Digimon!
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