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 Rules of Digimon Revolution Wars

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PostSubject: Rules of Digimon Revolution Wars   Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:37 pm

Rules of Digimon Revolution Wars

These rules are applied to the whole forum and the RPG. Any disrespect of a rule should be the reason for your banishment or warning.

General Rules

Any kind of insult or mockery is not allowed here. You just have to respect the other players and they will respect you. If somebody doesn't respect you, don't worry, leave it to us. If you want to fight, go fight somewhere else, not here please!

Porno Content
Obviously, this kind of content can't be shown here!!

SMS Language
SMS Language (shortcuts like you=u, be=b, someone=some1) is not allowed. Any abusive SMS language cost you warnings. You can use this language only at the Chatbox.

Any smiley flood, abusive double post, triple post, unnecessary/repeating subjects are not allowed. Try to edit your message when you forgot something, or erase it and post again to see that there's a new message. Abusive flood takes you directly to a banishment.

Language Comprehension
When talking about something, specially when you post a subject, be comprehensive. If you aren't english and you can't talk english very good, the message may be edited, but if the message is understandable, don't worry.

When creating a subject, confirm if it already exists, and be comprehensive when you open a subject. In other words, always put an introduction.

In general conversation, you can post links to videos, music and all about multimedia, however, don't forget about the contents it may have.

You can choose any nickname you want, but if it has any content not appreciated by the team, you'll receive a message to change your nickname.

You can put any avatar you want, but with some conditions. It cannot be heavy and surpass 200X200.

Any signature you want, but with some conditions too. Be careful with the content of your signature. If there is any problem, the team will send you a message.

In the Chatbox
In the Chatbox the same rules are applied, however, and as said before,  you can use SMS language here.

RPG Rules

Cheating is not allowed (Obviously). However, we take precautions for that. Twisted Evil If you're a cheater, you may get automatically banned.

Disrespect to other players
The Admin Team will play like the normal members, so don't insult if they have advantages in the game, because it's not true. Of course we create the game our way, but you can give opinions too. And also, don't insult old players just because they have lot of Digimons or they are rich or whatever.

You haven't the right to do updates after a battle or an action in the shop. The Updates will be done by the team. After the updates, a message will be sent to you.

Please respect these rules and be a good example for this whole community!


Last update: 24th of March of 2016

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Rules of Digimon Revolution Wars
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